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Friday, July 24, 2009


In Phantom Island, Whitnee suffers from a severe case of Ickthyophobia, better known as the fear of fish. Although it may seem like a strange, pathetic fear, it does affect her life and decisions that she makes. This fear is based on Krissi's fear of fish (you can read her reasons on her personal blog!)

I can totally sympathize with Whitnee! I too suffer from this irrational fear of fish. It's kind of a long story(not that long) involving a pet fish , but maybe sometime I'll tell you!

What I want NOW is for YOU to share your phobias! Maybe some of you have common phobias: Achluophobia(darkness), Arachnophobia(spiders), or Hypsiphobia(heights). Or maybe, you suffer from "strange" phobias: Didaskaleinophobia(going to school), Consectotaleophobia(chopsticks), or something else. 

If you have a story behind your fear, feel free to tell it! Also, we know what Whitnee's fear is, what do you think the other characters are afraid of? Maybe Gabriel lives on the island so he isn't around clowns....

For a list of phobia names go to: www.phobialist.com

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  1. This is the weirdest phobia I have ever known anyone to have. Couldn't even find this one on phobialist.

    My 12-yr-old daughter is afraid of skin. She will not sit near someone who is peeling...as from a sunburn, etc. She is sure to run away if someone peels off even the smallest flake of skin in front of her.

    Anyone ever heard of this?

  2. I have never heard of a skin phobia before! But I Googled it and found that it is called Dermatophobia in other words fear of the skin.

    I myself dont like feet or grasshoppers. im getting better with the foot thing, but grasshoppers terrify me!!

  3. Fish... ughhh. Glad to know that Sarah is just as weird as me on that one.