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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finding Phantom Island...

This is the official fan club for Krissi Dallas. We will regularly post updates including exclusive inside-scoops straight from the author. Soon Krissi's author website will be up and I will post when the myspace page is up and running! Her first book, Phantom Island, comes out in May 2009 so be sure to check back for more information!

Below is a book review for the upcoming Phantom Island written by myself (Sarah). I do hope you enjoy:)

From an early age, I’ve enjoyed books more than television and movies. Not only did reading offer me a plethora of knowledge and an enlightened imagination, it also took me to different worlds where I thought anything was possible. Anyone like me who enjoys realistic story lines mixed with a little bit of magic and fantasy will be thrilled to read Phantom Island. From the minute Whitnee and her friends arrive at Camp Fusion to landing on the Island, you are dragged into a story of friendship, adventure, and a little bit of romance. The background of the Island is intriguing – I absolutely loved the four tribes and their connection to the four elements. I also loved the obvious personality attributes of each tribe and automatically related to the intellectual and musically-inclined Aerodorians. I could especially relate to Whitnee, whose love for her friends and thirst for finding herself are things I see in myself. The part of the story that appealed to me the most was the romance! I could totally feel Whitnee’s connection with her crush (without giving anything away) and it was a nice aspect of the story without becoming the main ordeal – which tends to happen in a lot of YA literature I read. I believe other teenagers would enjoy reading this book because it taps into the teenage mind. The adventure and mystery will also intrigue the minds of those who want something a little more complex. Overall, Phantom Island is a story that you never want to end. With all of the surprise twists and turns, it is enough to keep even the most bored reader at the edge of their seat!

~Sarah – Student (Founder of the Official Phantom Island Fan Club)

Aerodorian, Age 16

Billy and Sharie will have their reviews up soon!

This is just so exciting, I have complete faith in this book!

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