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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Sometimes, time passes by much faster than anyone anticipates. You are caught living in the moment, and the next thing you know, it is almost a year later and you don’t remember where the time went. Everyone gets caught up in life. And I suppose that is my excuse for taking so long to update this freaking website. I apologize, but remember, I’m only human (not Dorian).

Speaking of getting caught up in life, Krissi’s life has been quite a whirlwind over the past couple of months. As most of you know, she recently signed a book deal to publish Wind and Water with Tate Publishing. Which I think is freaking amazing! Of course, you don’t really care what I think. You want to know what Krissi thinks about this entire ordeal. Well I can let you know that she is VERY excited. However, this means that it might take even longer for you loyal fans to finally get to read Water. But do not fret, it is well worth the wait! In fact, I asked Krissi some questions about Water to satisfy you until more sneak peeks are released:

Q: What differences can readers expect over all between Wind and Water?

A: I think the love triangle (Caleb-Whit-Gabriel) tilts in different directions. My test audience all ended up swinging the opposite direction of the guy they were originally rooting for after Wind, which I found an EXTREMELY interesting reaction. I think that just means that these characters are becoming more full, rounded... readers will see different sides to them. Water is also a lot more fast-paced than Wind - something that an epic sequel can afford. As soon as you catch your breath and feel comfortable again, something else will happen. There are some other pretty big differences that I refuse to reveal, so...

Q: Most all of the readers can relate to one tribe. However, many also
relate to some of the characters. Are there any new characters
introduced that you think readers will be able to relate to?

A: I hope so! There are some new characters in Water - ones that were mentioned in Wind, but maybe didn't play a big part yet. (Is it too much of a giveaway that my cousins Hannah and Lilley LOVED the characters named after them in Water?) A LOT has been happening on the Island since Whit and Company left, so there are some minor characters who have become major players. Fans of Thomas the Waterboy might get a little more of a close-up on his character and those blue, blue eyes... just sayin'...

Q: Let’s face it, everybody is either on Team Gabriel or Team Caleb. Is that rivalry still as pronounced in Water as it was in Wind?

A: HECK. YES. Enough said.

Q: As an author, how was writing Water a different experience?

A: Totally different... it took me longer to finish - TWO WHOLE YEARS! I think I bared a lot of my own soul in this book - differently than I did in Wind. The conflicts center around some very personal issues for me (fish phobia included) so writing this book was WAY more emotional. I was dissolved into tears on more than one occasion (as my Facebook readers might recall on late summer nights when I was writing. Ha.) I had to kill off characters for the first time and that was really hard... but it was always the plan since the inception of the series. No backing out... (I keep telling myself this as I look ahead to the next half of the series... some things MUST be done, no matter how difficult they are for the author. The story must maintain its integrity.)

Q: Character growth- Do you think your characters have matured in some
ways between novels? If so, can you give us examples without giving
anything away?

A: Yes... maturity must happen to the best of us. Haha. As my mom was reading Water, she said she REALLY liked Whitnee in this book - her words: "She knows what she wants and she goes after it... no crying, no wasting time... She drives the whole story." I also think readers will understand more about Morgan and Caleb and what it is like to be the other two-thirds of the trio. They are each unique and have their own set of issues, which was fun to expose more about...

Q: What did you find the most difficult thing about writing Water?

A: I don't think I can answer this without giving away a major plot spoiler. Ask me this again after Water is out because the answer is interesting...

Q: Are there any loose ends in the plot from Wind that are tied up in
Water? Or do most story lines keep on going through the sequel?

A: Water wraps up a lot of things nicely - at least I think so. I walk away from Water feeling a bit more settled than I did with Wind. But I always intended the series to be that way. Wind and Water together... and then those two other elements together (which I won't say in case somebody thinks I'm giving away which one comes next... haha.) But even though Water has a nice ending, there are still some major things to resolve and answer before the series can officially end. It's like the temporary calm before the storm, maybe??

Q: Whitnee v. Abrianna: Is that battle still intense?!

A: Of course... but it displays itself differently in Water. And I daresay readers might see a bit more in Abrianna that makes sense... if that even makes sense.

Q: A crazed fan has you at water gun point and demands that you say ONE
WORD that is significant to Water but doesn’t give anything away. What
word is that?


Q: Is there anything different you want your readers to take away
from Water that they maybe didn’t get from Wind?

A: I think I want people to have hope... to see that life often cycles in directions for a purpose... that even the really horrible things people go through can serve a greater purpose if they let it. I know my faith in God plays a big part in these themes... Though it's never expressly said in the story, the worldview is there. God has a plan and we have a free will - so what do we do with that?

Okay guys, if you want the FULL STORY of Krissi’s publishing deal, there is a nice little post on her blog about it. Check it out!

Until next time,

Sarah Aerodorian