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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Caleb vs. Gabriel

It's been a little more than a month since the release of Phantom Island:Wind and I just want to say congrats to Krissi. In this short amount of time she has already done eight author appearances in seven cities and she has four more events coming this summer. Phantom Island also reached #1 bestseller on Authorhouse.com. This is a major accomplishment in such a small amount of time and I'm sure we will continue to see many more as the word spreads about Phantom Island.

We have recently started a challenge to sell 10,000 copies of Phantom Island: Wind. Make sure to spread the word so we can reach our goal! Every person you tell is one more book sale! If we are all doing this together, we can get there.

Now I'm going to start our first blog discussion. That means that I'm going to post a subject that is relevant to Phantom Island and I want YOU to comment on the post and tell me what you think about it. Let me remind you that the comments are just opinions; no one is right or wrong and do NOT put down anyone's comment. You can say you agree or disagree, but either way, DON'T let it get out of hand. With that said, our first blog discussion IS....(drumroll ;) )


Which guy do you think is right for Whitnee and why? Make sure to comment and let us know!

This first month for Phantom Island has been great. Thank you to everyone for your support and please keep spreading the word. Don't forget to check out http://www.krissidallas.com/ for more details and extras on the book. I hope everyone has an awesome summer!