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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Caleb vs. Gabriel

It's been a little more than a month since the release of Phantom Island:Wind and I just want to say congrats to Krissi. In this short amount of time she has already done eight author appearances in seven cities and she has four more events coming this summer. Phantom Island also reached #1 bestseller on Authorhouse.com. This is a major accomplishment in such a small amount of time and I'm sure we will continue to see many more as the word spreads about Phantom Island.

We have recently started a challenge to sell 10,000 copies of Phantom Island: Wind. Make sure to spread the word so we can reach our goal! Every person you tell is one more book sale! If we are all doing this together, we can get there.

Now I'm going to start our first blog discussion. That means that I'm going to post a subject that is relevant to Phantom Island and I want YOU to comment on the post and tell me what you think about it. Let me remind you that the comments are just opinions; no one is right or wrong and do NOT put down anyone's comment. You can say you agree or disagree, but either way, DON'T let it get out of hand. With that said, our first blog discussion IS....(drumroll ;) )


Which guy do you think is right for Whitnee and why? Make sure to comment and let us know!

This first month for Phantom Island has been great. Thank you to everyone for your support and please keep spreading the word. Don't forget to check out http://www.krissidallas.com/ for more details and extras on the book. I hope everyone has an awesome summer!



  1. totally Gabriel! I guess it's just me, but the exotic guy is always the way to go lol. Not putting down Caleb though, he's still amazing!

  2. I personally think Gabriel is the right choice to make. Yes, Caleb has always been there for her, but why would she want to ruin such a great friendship with him just because they have a little spark. Instead she can just have fun with Gabriel. Its obvious in the book that she has a totally different feeling around him then any other guy she has liked. That makes him special (: plus he is totally gorgeous!!

    please let me know if you think i am wrong or just totally agree with me (:


  3. Wow, I'm the first Caleb fan?
    Here is why: *clears throat*
    Caleb is better for Whitnee for the same reasons Jacob is better for Bella.
    And it is because Caleb is her friend.
    With Gabriel everything is all intense, an he's moody, and YEAH he's sexy, BUT being around people who are intense all the time wears you out, give you stress, and causes fights.
    However, with Caleb, it's comfortable, and of course there would be arguments,because that is just how relationships are, but it would not be constand intensity and stress, they coud actually relax and enjoy being together.
    It would be much more fun with Caleb, because Gabriel's priority is to protect her and serve the guardian or whatever. The man NEVER chill-axes. It's very stressful, for me at least,to even read about him. I have to take a break every few pages to prevent a total migraine.

  4. ^That is from me, not my mom. lol.

  5. *Spoilers ahead. Don't read if you haven't finished the book!

    Tough call. The chemistry between Whit and Gabe is undeniable, and while chemistry is a necessary element of romantic love, it isn't a good foundation for love; it's not something you want to build your love upon. There has to be something else. And that's the question. Do Whit and Gabe have that something else? Will they develop it in the next book so that they will have something upon which they truly can build and grow their love.

    I do believe Gabriel and Whitney genuinely care for one another in a selfless, altruistic way. But that trust isn't as large as that between Whitney and Caleb. However, there's room for the trust between Gabriel and Whitney to grow; we've seen it grow already---that's a good sign! On the other hand, Frito/Meggy is right. We're still unsure if Gabriel's commitment to the Guardian will come before his commitment to Whitney. Those two commitments seem to be fighting for first place right now. We'll have to see if his commitment to Whitney prevails! as it seems to be beginning to as Gabe sends Whitney home.

    One final comment. People are always saying, "We're such good friends. I don't want to lose our friendship." Whitney says this herself in the book, and it's a ligit concern. However, it's a mistake to underestemate the "little spark" that's generated in Whitney for Caleb (though when there are such huge fireworks between her and Gabriel, it makes it really difficult to even remember the small sparks looking for kindle in her relationship with Caleb). Generally speaking, it's a mistake because with the solid foundation of their friendly love, it can be surprising how quickly physical attraction and romantic affection can grow. Relationships are all about risk---or at least thoughtful risk; risk that has trust to back it up, as opposed to a haphazard, "throw caution to the wind" risk. That's what having faith in someone means: you're willing to risk because you trust. So while sometimes not wishing to jeoprodize friendship is the relationally responsible, the other-oriented and loving thing to do; sometimes it isn't. Not wanting to risk relationally because it's "safe" is often very selfish. Safety shouldn't be our primary motivator. Besides, Caleb and Whitney's friendship will change, and she'll lose part of what she has with him if she ends up with Gabe, so really it's a risk either way.

    (I know I'm not playing fair: I never chose one over the other... Sorry! :)

  6. I know I have a Gabriel shirt (google the book, you'll eventually find it!) but...

    I think they both have great qualities and some not-so-great qualities.

    Is Gabriel completely trust-worthy? I'm not so sure. Plus I have some knowledge others don't. mwhahah I've seen into the future. Not that that means anything, right Krissi, because my 'predictions' are generally WAY off the mark. But is Gabriel actually concerned for Whitnee or is he concerned about his future role as the Guardian and his present role as Abrianna's son?

    As for Caleb, he's a good friend, but that may be all he is. He says he loves Whitnee and wants to be with her but the next second he's making out with some other girl. I feel like if he REALLY, truly cared about her he'd wait. Totally MHO.

    And, someone compared this to Twilight and the relationship between Bella/Jake and Bella/Edward.

    #1. Let's just not go there. It's different in every circumstance, right? ;)

    #2. I am a total Jacob fan, hands down, but there's always something about that complete and utter PASSION that consumes you in a relationship. Maybe it's the same here with Whitnee and Gabriel. Does it means it's wrong? Does it mean it's NOT real love? Not necessarily. I think nothing should be rushed. Especially not in today's world. I know we're talking about a FICTION novel, but young girls (and sometimes OLD girls!) relate so much to these characters and go 'Ah that will happen to me, just like that!' and don't think with both their heart AND their head which is the way it should be. ;)

  7. Um, so Krissi thought I was saying something 'BAD' about Caleb, but MHO means 'my humble opinion'. Sorry thought that was a general internets term. Guess not. hahahaha

  8. Hahaha. I really thought Jaclyn called Caleb a "male ho" - my bad! :) Still hilarious in my mind - especially if you go back and read your comment again thinking that is what MHO stands for. LOL.

  9. Billy(Pyradorian)June 30, 2009 at 12:14 AM

    Thanks for all the comments everyone! Your support is really appreciated and you all have brought up great points for both Caleb and Gabriel. Keep spreading the word and thanks again for being such awesome fans! =D

  10. Krissi said I wasn't clear on my choice so let me say if it was MY CHOICE I would hands-down choose Gabriel because...well, just because, but I'm thinking of Whitnee.

    Is that better, Krissi?

  11. I am middle territory. I think that Caleb is much better for her in the long run. He knows her and some of things she dislikes/likes, but he is to oblivious to her feelings toward him and Gabriel. Gabriel is clearly good for her, but he is obsessed with his work and that could come between them.

  12. Hands down- Gabriel. Gabriel brings about a passion and fire within Whitney that Caleb can't even begin to spark. Gabriel had no intentions of becoming involved with Whitnee as she was simply another assignment for him. However, he was unintentionally lured by Whitnee, and now so am I!

    Caleb on the other hand is boring. He is a best friend. Would you rather kiss your BFF or your boyfriend? Think about it...

    The same rings true for Twilight. I almost stopped reading the series when Edward left. The book became tedious to read. The friendship between Caleb, I mean Jacob and Bella became a drag. Luckily a friend told to me hang on because Edward would be back. Edward and Bella make for an interesting read because we all want to experience that passion and excitement.

  13. I definatly have to say Gabriel:)

  14. Hermionegirl44 :)
    Caleb for sure...he's always been there for Whitney, he knows everything about her, what she's thinking when she makes a certain face, how she feels, the things she hates...he's always there for her when she needs him...even if it is as just a friend!!! Caleb was even willing to put aside his feelings for her when she needed him to just be her friend...that shows how much he really truly cares for Whitney!!! Gabriel...well ya he's protective and strong, and everything, but he's not what she needs!!! he's not sensitive to her or anything, thats why Caleb's perfect for her!!! he'll always be there for her no matter what, no matter when...while Gabriel will only be there for her when she's on the island!!! horrible relationship right there, no communication, or anything!!! Caleb, Caleb, Caleb!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Alright ...
    Here comes a whole bunch of opinion to throw in the mix of others! :)

    I can't honestly say which guy that Whitney will end up with ... But, I do have some things to say about each of them.

    OK, Gabriel -- the guy that everyone seems to fall in love with right off the bat (just like Whitney). Yes, he is steamy, FINE, and just plain gorgeous. But, he does have that whole authoritative an protective aura to him. I think that he makes Whitney safe and protected, which in turn, creates feelings from her. I mean, any girl that has that strong guy in their life is a little attracted to them. But, he may be strong, but he's not stable. He is so given into his emotions (just like the pyra he is) and there is no controlling what mood he is in. It can be bad at ties to give into his emotion, but also very flattering at times that he is givingg into the emotion of wanting Whitney. Every girl wants someone to chase them, right?? Well, Whitney has him right around her little finger. Caleb on the other hand, is stable, but just not very exciting ... I feel like she might get bored with him in the long run. With Gabriel, it's new and exciting surprises everyday!

    OK, now Caleb. Caleb is that guy that everyone just thinks is so sweet! The one that you knoww you can look like crap in front of and he wont lie to you about it, but he'll talk to you anyways ;) He has been so constant in Whitneys life for years and with her frequent emotional mood swings, she needs someone that KNOWS her and can comfort her. Sometimes you just need someone that can comfort you and who knows every face and every emotion that you can display. They know each other, yet they are still attracted to each other?! That's pretty rare. I think that the real reason that she might end up with him.

    Overall, she is just as confused as all of us are as to who she will end up with. But, she's a smart girl and I'm sure she'll analyse both of them to the death to make sure which one's right for her! And until then ...


  16. I think that Caleb is better for Whit because I said so. No, really, I believe this is because of the prior friendship they have. She just met Gabriel and it appears (in my opinion) that she just likes him for his looks.... Caleb has been there for her through the hard stuff and seems more than willing to stick around. I'm a fan of a relationship with a friend more than someone you just met...

  17. If you had asked me a while back ago my immediate response would have been "GABRIEL!" However, I have been thinking about this more and more since I have re-read the book. Ultimately yes, I still want Whitnee to end up Gabriel. But Caleb has some good qualities that I also think are important in a relationship.

    Whitnee's life is all over the place and turned upside down. Caleb has the constant comfort and stability that Whitnee could really use. However, there are no "fireworks". Call me a typical romantic, but I love when sparks fly. Sparks flew instantly with Gabriel. He is dark, brooding, sexy, and mysterious. BUT, she doesn't know Gabriel. Even though he earns her trust, there are still many things that are unknown and leave you hanging about this handsome island boy.
    She has know Caleb for years. She knows that she can rely on him and he knows everything that she has been through. And let's face it girls, if Gabriel wasn't around we would think Caleb is pretty cute too...

    *My Perfect Ending*
    Whitnee ends up staying on the White Island and brings everyone from the Mainland with her. She ends up with Gabriel and everyone is happy. THE END.

    All in all, I suppose we will have to wait to see who she will ultimately end up with. Until then, we can still argue our points over which boy is better!

    Love always and keep commenting!


  18. Ok I just finished the book and it will probably take a couple more times to get my real decision on the matter down, but at first look I totally say Gabriel. The scene in the book that made up my mind is at the end, Gabriel made the decision, when he caught on that Whit was staying without her friends, to give her to caleb and make her go back to her world. See now that is true love!! There you have it, my very own opinion.

    Jessica L.

  19. Alright. Here are my thoughts:

    Caleb: He's the best friend. The guy you can come to with anything and he would never judge a single word, because he loves you for who you are, all the little bits of imperfect just make you, you. So why would you want to ruin that?? WRONG. You would just be enhancing it. Obviously, the Phantom Island trio has been with each other for a while, and they don't look like they are backing out any time soon. If Whitney's personality would have driven Morgan and Caleb to the hills, it would have already happened. To me, the perfect guy is someone who knows nearly everything about me, but loves me even more for my imperfections.. that's true love to me. And with Caleb, Whitney has the perfect foundation for the truest kind of love, and I just want to slap her sometimes for not seeing it. And chances are, if things didn't work out, everything would be fine and dandy because Caleb has shown his long lasting friendship over the years, and one little mistake shouldn't ruin that. And even if it didn't work out, at least Whitney won't have to wonder "What if.....?"' for the rest of her life.

    Gabriel: He is the easiest guy to feel intense chemistry with. He's mysterious, protective, gorgeous, blah blah blah... Just like Edward Cullen. People are drawn to these characters because they are easy for the reader to love themselves. What girl wouldn't want a steamy summer romance with some attractive, completely heels over head for her, intriguingly exotic kind of guy?? But just because it's an intense attraction doesn't give it the foundation to last, like i believe someone said above. Gabriel screams "FLING!!" to me. Just some typical summer love, not like a lasting love Whitney could have with Caleb.

    Savannah M.