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Friday, September 18, 2009


Phantom Island: Wind is written so that the reader sees the story line from the main characters point of view. The readers feel the emotions and storyline through Whitnee's thoughts, actions, but most definitely words. Rereading through my book, I found alot of quotes said by a few characters that really caught my eye.

"Baby Doll, I need you to listen to me! You're in danger. Whatever you do dont cross the river. Stay with your friends and they can't get you! You don't even know how special you are. I wish I could make you understand." I personally like this quote, said in Whitnee's fathers voice, because it is mysterious and intriguing. I am a sucker for mystery and if i heard my supposed dead father warn me not to do something through a dream, I would honestly be freaked out just like Whitnee. I like it because reading between the lines it holds a secret that has yet to be revealed and kept my mind guessing. This quote to me helped set up Whitnee's adventure overall.

So now its YOUR turn to scan through your book, and find what quotes YOU like. Why do you like it? Who said it? Do you think it holds any significance overall? Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts!!

Sara :)

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