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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Phantom Island Video Shoot (Part1)

Hi! I'm Sharie(and also a hydrodorian) I am one of Krissi's former students and a huge fan of Phantom Island!

So yesterday Billy, Sarah, and I helped Krissi film a trailer for the book. (Which will hopefully be up soon) Ironically enough, we seem to fit the description of the characters so it worked out perfectly. I was Whitnee, Sarah was Morgan, and Billy was Caleb. Although none of us are actually from the tribe we played, it still worked out. We filmed the video at the Trinity Park so the setting was perfect!


While we were filming part of it, I was walking on this big tree thing and I heard Sarah and Krissi whispering. As soon as I jumped down Sarah got up and started yelling about some animal she saw. Then we hear her scream, "Its a panther!" So we all went to look and it was just a harmless black house cat lol. This is an example of Sarah's overactive imagination! Needless to say, we have a pretty great inside joke now! :D

~Sharie (Hydrodorian)

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