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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Being Caleb..the ladies man.

Hi this is Billy. I'm very excited that Krissi Dallas's first book, Phantom Island:Wind, is about to come out. I am a huge fan of both the book and the author. Sarah, Sharie, and I recently did a video shoot for Krissi at a park where we portrayed the three main characters, Whitnee, Caleb, and Morgan. The characters are best friends, so it wasn't exactly hard to play the part since all three of us are best friends too. Sarah was Morgan, Sharie was Whitnee, and I was Caleb. As the day went on I began to realize how much I actually was like Caleb...

Since Caleb has two girls for best friends, he has to put up with all their girl talk and other things. As I was reading Phantom Island I was thinking, "wow if I was one character in this book I would be Caleb." I can really relate to him because Sharie and Sarah are my best friends and I don't know how many times I've heard them talk about what celebrity is hott, what new hairstyle they are going to get, or just random things teenage girls talk about. These conversations, although they are fun for girls, are not what a guy really wants to talk about or listen to. ;) There is a point in the book where Whitnee comments that Caleb won't always share his thoughts with her about girls. This is another thing about Caleb I can relate to because there have been a lot of situations where Sharie and Sarah have asked about my thoughts about girls and I don't always like to explain it to them because they don't really understand how guys think. Another reason why Caleb will not talk to Whitnee about other girls is because guys will not talk about other girls, ESPECIALLY to the girl they secretly like. Although it can be extremely weird or difficult, once you get around those weird talks and those situations where you just can't explain things...Having two girls as best friends is really not that bad. That is something both Caleb and I could tell you.

Below is my book review for Phantom Island, check it out!

I'm a huge fan of fiction – just never really been a mystery enthusiast. So when I was reading Krissi’s book, Phantom Island: Wind, I was very surprised to find myself completely engrossed in the mystery of the Island. Phantom Island is about three teenagers who, while at a summer camp, mysteriously disappear to the White Island where they attempt to befriend the natives. The mystery Krissi presents in Phantom Island will keep readers on their toes as they try and figure out who to trust (or not trust). The character I could relate to the most was Caleb, not only because he was the main male character, but also because most guys know how it feels to like a girl and risk rejection. I could really empathize with Caleb’s feelings for Whitnee. I could also relate to Caleb because I have two best friends who are girls. Phantom Island combines the genres of romance, mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi to make a very unique and intriguing novel which will certainly please all young adults.

~Billy - Pyradorian, Age 15

Well, thats all I've got for this post, make sure you keep checking back for more and also make sure to pre-order your copy of Phantom Island:Wind (check http://www.krissidallas.com/ for more details) coming out May 11, 2009!


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  1. Yeah ... I don't know how you put up with all these girls, Billy. :)