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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Geodorian's perspective

Hi, this is Sara (the Geodorian), one of Krissi's former students and Phantom Island enthusiast. Krissi helped me grow throughout the middle school chapter of my life. Being the book worm that I am, I freaked out when I was told that she wrote a book. I was like, "how cool, I know an author!" I immediately jumped at the chance to read her book and was swept away by the imagery and essence of an island only my former teacher could dream up. Written below is my book review on Phantom Island: Wind.

From the beginning Phantom Island indulges its reader with the drama of a teenage girl, Whitnee, trying to find who she really is along with the help of her two best friends Caleb and Morgan. The three best friends start their adventure at the summer camp where they met, but soon learn that this camp is more than just a home away from home. After a mysterious phenomenon, the three friends, along with two other campers, find themselves on the White Island. The five of them are immediately swept into the cultures of the Island's four main tribes: Aerodora, Hydrodora, Geodora and Pyradora. Like the characters in the book, Sharie, Sarah, Billy and I all found that we each have traits that match a different tribe. As the friends attempt to get back to the "Mainland" they encounter many obstacles and learn more than they thought they knew about each other along the way. I love a good mystery story (when I was younger, Nancy Drew was my hero)! The mystery in this story keeps you thinking and second guessing who should and should not be trusted. Throughout the novel I found myself contemplating the motives of each character's actions with Whitnee. Overall this book was very intriguing and a little Twilight Zone-ish (lol)! If you are into a balanced mixture of friendship, romance, mystery, and adventure, then you should definitely pick up this book. There is a little bit of something for everyone in Phantom Island.

- Sara (Geodorian), age 16

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  1. Sara, I just realized that you kind of remind me of Eden...